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Summary of Hydrogeology Investigations in the Mamm Creek Field Area - February 10, 2014

At the February 10 Board of County Commissioners' Work Session, Commissioners received an update from Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) staff regarding 2004 West Divide Seep remediation activities and down hole East Mamm Creek Area Conditions of Approval related to drilling, cementing and completing. Commissioners also received an independent analysis and update from consultant Dr. Geoffrey Thyne of Science Based Solutions, LLC. regarding 2004 West Divide Seep remediation progress and a summary of results from Garfield County's recently completed Phase III Hydrogeologic Study.

Dr. Geoffrey Thyne presented his latest assessment and synthesis of recent studies and data associated with the occurrence and remediation of the 2004 West Divide Seep. His presentation included a summary of improved State regulatory requirements intended to protect ground water. Dr, Thyne also presented a summary of key findings from Garfield County's recently-completed study "Phase III Hydrogeologic Study of the Mamm Creek Area of Garfield County."

David Andrews, COGCC West Region Engineering Supervisor, reviewed special engineering and completion regulations for new wells drilled in the Mamm Creek Field and how each requirement is designed to help prevent a reoccurrence of issues that caused the 2004 Seep. Alex Fischer, COGCC West Environmental Supervisor, reviewed the historical and current environmental monitoring requirements in the vicinity of the 2004 Seep and presented data showing the area of impact is decreasing over time.
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Mamm Creek Phase I & II Conclusions -
December 20, 2008

Mamm Creek Phase I & II Conclusions - Dr. Thyne

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