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Severed mineral interest

The Garfield County Assessor's Office is currently reviewing all severed mineral accounts on the tax rolls. Many of these accounts were created with insufficient documentation at the request of the severed mineral owner. Colorado State Statute 39-1-104.5 provides a level of proof of mineral ownership of the severed mineral interest that this office will require in order to maintain the severed mineral interest on the tax roll.

A review of your severed mineral interest account indicates that we placed this interest on the tax roll erroneously as our records do not support proof of ownership. Your mineral account is being taken off of the tax rolls. This does not mean you do not own a severed mineral interest nor does it affect your mineral interest in the chain of title. It simply means you are no longer required to pay property taxes on this mineral interest. Your property taxes paid on this severed mineral interest for the past two years will be abated or refunded per your request.

If you wish to keep your severed mineral interest on the tax roll, we will require a certificate of proof of ownership signed by an attorney, a title insurance company, or a title insurance agent authorized to do business in the State of Colorado.

A signed affidavit or certificate will verify in writing that a complete patent to present title search has been conducted to support the claimed severed mineral interest and providing reference to all recorded documents establishing the mineral interest ownership. The affidavit or certificate must include the following:

       •  owner name and address
       •  legal description
       •  severed mineral interest fraction or percentage
       •  net mineral acreage contained in the severed interest

This signed affidavit or certificate of title by an attorney, a title insurance company, or a title insurance agent authorized to do business in the State of Colorado will be required by the assessor's office prior to placing a severed mineral interest back on the tax roll.

If you have any questions about this letter, please contact:
Casey Lawrence, Mineral Clerk
970-945-9134, ext. 2525

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