Vehicle registration

Election Day, Nov. 5
The Garfield County Clerk and Recorder’s offices in Glenwood Springs and Rifle will be open only for recording documents and election matters on Election Day, Tuesday, November 5. The motor vehicle, vital records and marriage license departments will be closed so staff members may assist with the election process.

DMV refunds

Due to a computer miscalculation of Specific Ownership Taxes (SOT) on some vehicle registrations, more than 51,000 Coloradans will be receiving a refund from the state. Garfield County has sent its refunds to the state, which will mail them to vehicle owners. State motor vehicle refund-|

New registrations
You must register your vehicle in the county where you live and/or where the vehicle is used or stored. Register in our offices at 109 8th Street, Suite 200, Glenwood Springs, CO, or at 195 West 14th Street, Building D, Rifle, CO 81650.

Secure and Verifiable Identification is required for at least one owner when applying for a new title, a new registration, or a new temporary permit.

License plate renewal options:

oneRenew by mail

Mail your payment to:

Garfield County
Clerk & Recorder
109 8th Street,
Suite 200
Glenwood Springs, CO
three Renew in the office
109 8th Street,
Suite 200
Glenwood Springs, CO
195 West 14th Street, Building D
Rifle, CO 81650

Online motor vehicle services

Many driver's license, identification, and vehicles services can be conducted online at myDMV-|

Apply for a driver's license or identification card-|

Renew your driver's license or identification card-|

Change your address-|

Register your vehicle-|

Renew a vehicle registration-|

Add or change a driver's license renewal reminder-|

Request your driving record-|

Apply for a disability placard-|

Request a personalized plate-|

Transaction receipts-|

Request a duplicate title-|

New purchases
Colorado is a title-issuing state. A title is required to transfer ownership of a vehicle. If you are purchasing from a dealership, the dealership is required to supply all necessary documents. If you are purchasing from a private party, the seller should furnish the title to you. Proof of insurance is required prior to issuance of any registration.

Out-of-state vehicle purchase (non-Colorado title)
The following documents are required:
1. Properly signed title. Notarization may be required
2. Disclosure of purchase price
3. VIN verification - This form may be obtained from Colorado auto dealerships, law enforcement agencies

Registering a non-Colorado vehicle

If you already own your vehicle, but wish to register it in the State of Colorado, the following documents will be required:
1. Proof of ownership: A title or current registration listing your name as the current owner is acceptable as proof of ownership
2. VIN verification: This form may be obtained from Colorado auto dealerships or law enforcement agencies
3. Proof of current insurance

Sales and Use Tax
Applicable sales and/or use tax is collected upon titling a vehicle. Garfield County residents are required to pay a 2.9% State sales tax and 1% County sales tax if your vehicle was purchased in Garfield County. Additionally, city or district sales and/or use tax may be applicable. Tax is collected on the net selling price of each vehicle.

License plates

License plates are available at both offices of the Clerk & Recorder in Garfield County.

You must register your vehicle in the county where you live and/or where the vehicle is used or stored. A business must license its vehicles in the county where the vehicles are primarily used.

Licensing fees are based on the year, weight, value, class of the vehicle and the area in which you live. More than 80 plate types are available for various fees. Contact this office for more information or log on to the State of Colorado website.

Colorado license plates are issued for a 12-month period from the date of the original expiration. The tab affixed to the lower left corner of the plate indicates the month of expiration and the tab in the lower right corner indicates the year of expiration. Renewal fees are due in the month and year indicated, although a one-month grace period is provided by law.

Temporary permits are paper license plates which allow the licensee to drive a vehicle while the title and registration paperwork is being processed. Issuance of additional permits is at the county clerk's discretion. The permit fee is $6.22 plus sales/use taxes, and proof of insurance is required prior to issuance, along with Secure and Verifiable Identification.

We accept cash, checks, money orders, and Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover card payments. Credit card transactions are charged an additional 2.7% processing fee.

Renewals may be done online, if you have no change to your address, or if proof of insurance is not needed. Some specialty plates may not be renewed online, click here to view non-eligible license plates.

Persons with Disability placards
Permanent placards are valid for three years. Temporary placards are valid for 90 days. Those caught using a placard illegally can be issued a Class B traffic violation and fined double the penalty usually assessed for that violation.

To obtain a Persons with Disability placard, you must have your doctor sign an application, and provide Secure and Verifiable Identification. Most doctors have applications in their offices.

The State of Colorado website page regarding Persons with Disabilities has more information and an application form for Persons with Disabilities placards.

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