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Code Compliance process

Garfield County enforces the Land Use and Development Code. Possible violations are reported to the Community Development Department. Once a possible violation is identified, the Community Development Department may utilize its enforcement officials to do an investigation to see if there is merit to the claim.

The type of investigation will vary with the alleged violation, and may include a site visit and an attempt to talk to the owners of the property. If, through the investigation, a Code Enforcement Official has personal knowledge that a code violation exists, a notice of violation will be provided to the owner(s) of the property.

This notice of violation is delivered to the owner(s) of the property. This letter serves as notice to correct the violation or to cease and desist from continuing the violation within a time period, not to exceed ten days. A list of possible enforcement actions is included in the notice, as well as the process for appealing the notice. Failure to correct the violation or not to cease and desist may result in the county pursuing any of the available enforcement procedures and penalties in connection with the violation as outlined in Article 12 of the Land Use and Development Code. There may be other penalties as allowed by law.

Violation forms

To report a possible code violation, complete the
Garfield County code compliance violation form
and submit it to the address included on the bottom of the form.

Contact form

Questions about code compliance and enforcement can be directed to the Garfield County Code Compliance Officer at 970-945-8212, or by using the email contact form below.

Please do not include sensitive information here, such as driver's license number, credit card numbers, or social security number.

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