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FEMA floodplain mapping 2015 update

December 3, 2015 - FEMA holds public meeting in Glenwood Springs:

The FEMA Consultation Coordinator Officer public meeting was held in December of 2015. The meeting reviewed status of appeals to the draft Floodplain maps. Updated schedules for the FEMA review and adoption process were provided. FEMA also outlined additional studies that were being undertaken for Helmer Gulch (Rifle Village South) and Mitchell Creek.

July 29, 2016 - FEMA holds update meeting in Glenwood Springs:
FEMA conducted an update meeting on the status of several appeals and additional studies that were ongoing. As part of that update FEMA provided a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) tool to address the status of the flood plain mapping update. The FAQ tool can be accessed at the following link.

November 2016 - FEMA Quarterly Update:
To facilitate communication with property owners and affected jurisdictions FEMA has provided a Quarterly Update that can be accessed at the following link.

A summary of key topics timeline for the Countywide Maps:

  •  Countywide Mapping - anticipate revised preliminary maps in November 2016.
  •  Appeal period will likely be April - July 2017.
  •  Letter of Final Determination (depending on appeals) is anticipated in August 2017
  •  The new maps could become effective in February 2018.

Summary of key topics and timelines for specific or new projects:

   •  Countywide additional aerial photo (LIDAR) is underway and should be completed in March 2017. This is a prerequisite for additional flood plain work on the Colorado River.

   •  Hydraulics work/study on the Colorado River is anticipated to be contracted in October 2017.

   •  Risk Assessment work on the Colorado River is schedule to begin in March 2017 after the aerial photo (LIDAR) work is complete.

Additional information is available from:
Dawn Brabenec, P.E., FEMA Region VIII (current Countywide Mapping Updates)
Denver Federal Center, Bldg 710A
P.O. Box 25267
Denver, CO 80225
(303) 235-4718


Thuy Patton CFM (for the LIDAR and Hydrology Study)
Colorado Water conservation Board
1313 Sherman Street, Rm 721
Denver, CO 80203
303-866-3441 ext 3230


David Sutley, P.E. with FEMA Region VIII (regarding new studies)
Denver Federal Center, Bldg 710A
P.O. Box 25267
Denver, CO 80225

For questions regarding the Garfield County's portion of the process or questions about your property and flood plain mapping, please contact:

Glenn Hartmann, Senior Planner and CFM
Community Development Department
970-945-1377 ext. 1570
Email Glenn

FEMA Floodplain mapping background (2012)
FEMA is in the process of updating its floodplain maps for Garfield County, including the Colorado River, the Roaring Fork River, and related tributaries from extremely basic documents created decades ago to new D-FIRM maps that are Geographic Information Systems (GIS) digital maps that include layers, detailed topographical information, aerial photographs and river flow data.

This effort included a large public meeting in 2012, and a subsequent appeal period ending in August, 2012. The 2012 review process included public notifications, including letters to potentially affected landowners, a public meeting held on June 20, 2012, and a 90-day review process between May 6 and August 3, 2012. Following the pubic process and review period the updated maps currently under review (see 2015 review summary above) were prepared by FEMA.

For more information, please consider these resources:
FEMA preliminary modernization information online
Garfield County press release on comment period

FEMA Preliminary FIRM maps from 2012 review are below

Master mapClick on the map above to choose the area of the floodplain map you wish to see, and then click on the blue highlighted links.

2013 maps are numbered in consecutive order, left to right, in the table below:

0645E 1045E 1060E
1064E 1065E 1066E
1067E 01068E 1069E
1090E 1091E 1092E
1093E 1105E 1108E
1109E 1110E 1115E
1120E 1130E 1135E
1140E 1145E 1153E
1161E 1162E 1164E
1170E 08045C1175E 1420E
1430E 1433E 1435E
1440E 1445E 1455E
1460E 1480E 1580E
1585E 1595E 1605E
1611E 1612E 1613E
1614E 1616E 1618E
1619E 1640E 1850E
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