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Roaring Fork river

Applications under review

The following applications are currently under review by the Planning Division of the Community Development Department. To access the application for a specific project, simply click on the project name below.

CICA-09-18-8683 Black Bridge Condominiums
FEXA-11-18-8700 Amended Final Plat, Neiley/ Maniscalchi Exemption, Lot 1
FPAA-11-18-8697 Amended Final Plat, Aspen Glen, FLG 8, Lot S-8
MTEH-11-18-8694 Minor Temp. Employee Housing - Laramie Well Pad 604-12-13
SUAA-11-18-8695 Eshelman ADU Amendment
FEXA-09-18-8685 Amended Final Plat, Day Exemption, Lot 2 & 3
LIPA-07-18-8664 Stericycle Infectious Waste Transfer Facility
GAPA-10-18-8690 Montanez Two-Unit Dwelling
FPAA-09-18-8682 Amended Final Plat, Aspen Glen, FLG 1, Lot G-1
FDPA-10-18-8689 Aspen Glen A-8, LLC Floodplain Development
MISA-08-18-8680 Ullerick Minor Subdivision
GAPA-08-18-8679 Overbeck ADU
FPAA-09-18-8684 Amended Final Plat, Aspen Glen, FLG 1, Lot A-8 & A-9
FPAA-10-18-8688 Amended Final Plat, Panorama Ranches, Lot 13
GAPA-07-18-8657 Pipe Manifold Specialists Small Contractor's Yard
LIPA-07-18-8667 Amended Final Plat, Vix Ranch Exemption, Lot 3
FPAA-08-18-8672 Amended Final Plat, Wilks Exemption, Parcel A
FPAA-07-18-8658 Amended Final Plat, Aspen Glen, FLG 2, Lot GV-1
MISA-05-18-8648 Valley View Village Lot 47 - Minor Subdivision
TXTP-05-18-8645 Text Amendment Application
FPAA-05-18-8649 Amended Final Plat, Gronau Exemption, Lot 2
VARA-05-18-8647 Neiley & Maniscalchi Variance - Minimum Lot Size
VARA-04-18-8637 Tribble Variance - Front & Side Yard Setback
LIPA-02-18-8614 Gianinetti Family Lodging Facility
GAPA-02-18-8608 Gianinetti Family Community Meeting Facility
VARA-02-18-8620 Gorman & Edgerly Variance - Front Yard Setback
GAPA-02-18-8604 Cedar Ridge Ranch Community Event/Meeting Facility
LIPA-02-18-8610 Cedar Ridge Ranch Farm Stay - Lodging Facility
MIPA-05-17-8551 Battlement Mesa PUD Phase II BMC A Well Pad
PDPA-05-17-8550 Battlement Mesa PUD Phase II BMC A Pipeline
MIPA-05-17-8549 Battlement Mesa PUD Phase II BMC A Injection Well
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