Facility rules and regulations

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All incoming mail is inspected for contraband, and scanned for key words related to security of the facility or criminal activity. Clients will be informed in writing about anything received, but not given to them, and the reasons why they did not receive the material. Anything mailed to a client that is prohibited will be returned to the sender, or maintained by GCC for further disposition regarding legality or appropriate disposal.

Visitation regulations
Garfield County Community Corrections (GCCC) maintains a policy allowing for clients to visit with friends, family, etc. at the facility. Visitation privileges for any client can be suspended or denied for disciplinary causes.

Clients on lockdown status may only have visitations with the direct permission of their case manager. Clients and their visitors are expected to respect and comply with all GCCC rules and regulations including, but not limited to: no introduction of contraband, no physical displays of affection, no inappropriate attire, etc.

 •  Visitations will take place on Saturdays and Sundays, and federal holidays.

 •  Visitation hours will be from 1200 hrs until 1700 hrs. Each client may have a block of time between these hours that will not exceed twenty minutes.

 •  No visitors under the age of 18 years will be allowed into the facility or on facility grounds. (For clients with younger visitors, depending upon phase level, off-grounds visitation may take place with permission from a case manager.)

 •  Any visitor causing any commotion or disturbance may be banned from visiting the facility.

 •  Clients may instruct any potential visitors to call the facility security office no earlier than Thursday of the week of the desired visit to schedule a visit. No reservations will be taken before Thursday.

 •  No visitation is to take place in or around any vehicle at any time. Failure to follow this stipulation will result in disciplinary action.

 •  No visitation will be allowed if the visit has not been scheduled at least one day in advance.

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