Workender policies

Community corrections supervisors give a thorough orientation each morning to new clients serving their first day in the program. New clients should report by 7 am.

Workenders is an alternative sentencing program. The alternative to this program is jail. The policies are simple and this program is designed so you can complete your sentence successfully.

A. You are expected to arrive on your scheduled day(s) by 7 am. If you arrive anytime after 7 am, you will be considered late and will be turned away. We will notify the court that you have failed to appear.

B. You are to show up on the days scheduled until your sentence is complete. We will not change your schedule once it is set. However, if you have experienced a significant life change, such as death in your immediate family, or if you are sick, contact the Workender program regarding your situation. You must be prepared to document your absence.

C. You may not arrive at the program with any knives, big or small. If you should realize that you have knives, sharp objects, or weapons upon your arrival to the program, you MUST turn them in immediately to the Workender supervisor. You may not bring in any hand tools. If a tool is needed for a job, we will supply you with the appropriate tool.

D. Community correction personnel may perform random searches of your person and belongings. If we find medication, a knife, sharp instruments, explosives, or other weapons, you can be charged with introduction of contraband into a jail facility. Therefore it is important that you not bring any weapons into the program, or turn them in upon your arrival.

E. You shall come dressed in a manner that will allow you to work either inside or outside. Bring clothing conductive to varying weather patterns. This includes wearing appropriate footwear and gloves. Sandals are not permitted for your own safety.

F. At approximately 7 am, staff will call out everyone's names. This will determine what crew you will be working with for the day.

G. You are to inform staff of any medical issues you have, and advice them of any medications you need to take during the day. The staff will make arrangements to ensure that you have your medications. Notify staff of any syringes you have to carry for medical purposes. Be prepared to provide medical documentation for any medical ailments and/or prescriptions you have.

H. You may talk to staff about the number of days you were sentenced or number days to be served. Under no circumstances will the staff be engaged in a conversation about your legal situation.

I. You need to bring your own lunch each day. If you forget your lunch the staff will not take you to a restaurant or to a store to purchase your lunch.

J. Typically, you will end your day back at Community corrections at 3 pm. However , there may be some rare occasions that you may return later than the assigned time(s). Your crew will return when the assigned tasks are finished for the day. Therefore it is incumbent upon you to work diligently on all tasks assigned to you for the day.

K. You will cease working and leave the work site when the staff is ready. Your Community corrections supervisor will call their crew for appropriate breaks and appropriate starting and stopping times.

L. Your release time will be 3 pm. However, there are a number of reasons why you may be required to stay later.

   1. If you arrive late in the morning after 7 am.

   2. You do not cooperate with the staff while in the program.

   3. The project requires the crew to stay later.

   4. Unforeseen traffic or weather delays.

Call in policy
If you have an excuse that is acceptable, and you are unable to attend on your scheduled day, you must call and talk to a staff member or leave a message and a valid phone number where you can be reached. The acceptable excuses are medical illness or a death in your immediate family.

If you are sick, you must first call and leave a message between 7 am and 7:20 am. You must provide a medical excuse within 24 hours detailing the nature of your illness and duration of your absence(s).

Drugs and alcohol
There will be zero tolerance of any consumption of alcohol and/or drugs. You were ordered by the court to report to this program drug and alcohol free. Any violation of this policy will result in your revocation from the program and immediate placement into the Garfield County Jail. This includes reporting to the Workender program in the morning under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Community service
Days served in the program will NOT be counted toward community service hours. Community service is a separate program. Any hours needed for community service must be completed through that program.

While in the Workender program, you may not engage in any touching, or discussions of a romantic and/ or sexual nature. No romances are allowed between clients in this program. Allegations of sexual harassment will be investigated and taken seriously. Criminal charges could result from, inappropriate language, gestures, and notes to other clients in the program.

Bad attitude
If you are uncooperative and attract attention to yourself by not following policy or work expectations, you could be in for a long day. This may include incarceration.

This program is not equipped for the care of your children. You must seek day care on your own. Any costs incurred will be at your expense.

Additional rules
1. No electronic devices

2. No sharing or loaning money

3. You cannot bring food or any other merchandise to sell

4. No gambling

5. Vehicles brought to the facility are subject to search at any time

6. Styrofoam cups are for hot drinks only

7. If you are having a problem with another Workender client, please notify staff immediately

8. The use of cell phones and pay phones are prohibited during the program

9. The viewing and or bringing of sexually exploitive materials is strictly prohibited

10. Talking to friends or acquaintances you may encounter on the job sites for the Workender program is strictly prohibited. You are technically in jail for that 8-hour period. You have no privileges for visitation during that time.

If you should have any questions or concerns about the program, ask the staff, not another Workender participant.

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