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Discounted 2019 landfill coupon

Garfield County residents can register for one ticket for $15 off a load at the Garfield County Landfill. This coupon is valid only at the county landfill, located at 0075 County Road 246 in Rifle, and only one coupon is available per household each year. The coupon is not redeemable for cash, and must be presented at the time of payment. To use the coupon, customers must present verification of their address, showing they are a Garfield County resident.

You must separate metal, fencing, wire, Freon-free appliances, bicycles, lawnmowers, tires, wood, brush, electronic waste and un-bagged yard waste. No hazardous or liquid wastes are accepted. Garfield County citizens can receive a ticket for a free trip to the landfill by registering online.

Fill out the form at this link or through the registration below:
Landfill coupon registration-|

Call the landfill at (970) 625-2516 for more information.
Garfield County Landfill
0075 CR 246 (location and mailing address)
Rifle, CO  81650
Email Landfill

970-625-2516 | phone
970-625-1490 | fax

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