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Energy Advisory Board (EAB) minutes

2013 EAB

December 5, 2013 minutes The Phase III study describes the ground water hydrology and water quality of the Wasatch Formation aquifer. The study also considers the potential for oil and gas development to impact shallow ground water supplies. December report
November 7, 2013 minutes Garfield County efforts regarding the BLM's NW Colorado Environmental Impacts Statement on Greater Sage Grouse by Fred Jarman Director of Community Development and County Commissioner Tom Jankovsky (document attached). November report
October 3, 2013 minutes
Refuel Colorado Fleets: Accelerating adoption of Natural Gas Vehicles by Mike Ogburn, Energy Engineer, Clean Energy Economy for the Region. October report
September 5, 2013 minutes
Water Quality Protection using the Watershed Approach by Laurie Rink, Coordinator Middle Colorado Watershed Council September report
August 1, 2013 minutes
Managing air quality on BLM lands by Shauna Kocman, PhD PE Engineer August report
July 2013 No EAB meeting No July report
June 6, 2013 minutes Judith Thomas from the U.S. Geological Survey presented findings from two recently published assessments of Piceance basin water quality. June report
May 2, 2013 minutes No educational presentation. The Williams company gave an update regarding the hydrocarbon release event north of Parachute. No May report
April 4, 2013 minutes No educational presentation. The COGCC and the Williams Company gave an update regarding the hydrocarbon release event north of Parachute. April report
March 7, 2013 minutes The Energy Industry and the Garfield County Economy presentation by Ann Driggers, Senior Finance Administrator at Garfield County. March report
February 7, 2013 minutes Air Quality Management in Garfield County by Paul Reaser, Garfield County Environmental Health Manager February report

2012 EAB

December 6, 2012
Ursa Operating Company, LLC as the purchaser of Antero Resources Presented by Don Simpson, Ursa Operating Company, VP Business Development - no educational presentation
November 1, 2012
Statewide Setbacks, Aesthetic-Noise Control and Water Sampling/Monitoring Rulemaking by Kirby Wynn.
October 4, 2012
Residents guide to water use, treatment and recycling during oil and gas operations by Tyler Bittner of WPX and Doug Dennison of Bill Barrett Corporation.
September 6, 2012
Public presentation from Matthew Lepore, new Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) Director.
August 2, 2012
Fact Versus Fiction of the Technical Aspects of Hydraulic Fracturing by Jennifer Miskimins-Colorado School of Mines.
July 2012
No EAB meeting
June 7, 2012
Surface Management Approach to Oil and Gas Development by Bryan Whitely Encana.
May 3, 2012
No Educational Presentation
April 5, 2012 minutes Resident's Guide to the COGCC Hydraulic Fracturing Chemical Disclosure Rule
March 1, 2012 minutes Geology of the Piceance Basin
February 2, 2012 minutes COGCC Rules for Oil and Gas Spills and Releases

2011 EAB

December 1, 2011 minutes Colorado School of Mines - Oil Shale, "Is Now the Time?"  
November 3, 2011 minutes

County-level Economic Impacts of Oil and Gas Operations in:
  • Garfield County
  • All Colorado counties with oil and gas operations

October 6, 2011 minutes Hydrogen Sulfide: COGCC Summary of characteristics, regulations, and Garfield County occurrence  
September 2011 minutes No presentation  
August 2011 No EAB meeting  
July 2011 No EAB meeting
June 2011 No EAB meeting
May 5, 2011
Geothermal Energy Potential in Colorado
April 7, 2011
La Plata County Natural Resources Land Use Code
February 3, 2011 minutes Well bore cementing, testing and safety
January 6, 2011 minutes Rulison precautions

2010 EAB


12/02/10 COGCC Rules Blow Out Preventer Equipment Presentation
11/04/10 No Powerpoint
10/07/10 Energy Advisory Board UIC Encana Water Management
09/02/10 BLM "Pad Reclamation" Powerpoint
08/05/10 No presentation
06/03/10 No presentation
05/06/10 No presentation
03/04/10 The Nature of Noise and its Control
01/07/10 No presentation

2009 EAB

Minutes Presentations
12/03/09 Hydraulic Fracturing Basics
11/05/09 COGCC Frac Rules
10/01/09 Oil Shale Status
08/06/09 No Powerpoint
06/04/09 No Powerpoint
05/07/09 Garfield County Unified Land Use Resolution
04/02/09 No Powerpoint
03/05/09 No Powerpoint
02/05/09 Gas Marketing Overview
01/08/09 No Powerpoint
12/04/08 No Powerpoint
11/06/08 Royalty Lease Language & Spacing Units
10/02/08 Overview of Antero's CDP
09/04/08 Noxious Weeds
08/07/08 Chevron Oil Shale RD&D
06/05/08 BLM Master Development Plans
05/01/08 No Powerpoint
04/03/08 Fracing Process
03/06/08 COGCC update Road & Bridge issues
02/07/08 Ambient Air Quality Study

2008 EAB Minutes
2/7/08 EAB minutes
3/6/08 EAB minutes
4/3/08 EAB minutes
5/1/08 EAB minutes
6/5/08 EAB minutes
8/7/08 EAB minutes
9/4/08 EAB minutes
10/2/08 EAB minutes
11/6/08 EAB minutes
12/4/08 EAB minutes

2007 EAB Minutes

2/1/07 EAB minutes
3/1/2007 EAB minutes
4/5/07 EAB minutes
8/2/07 EAB minutes
9/6/07 EAB minutes
11/1/07 EAB minutes
12/6/07 EAB minutes

natural gas drilling operations

Archived presentations:

2007 Presentations
2/1/07 Air Quality / Regulation 7 from CDPHE-Air Pollution Control Division
2/1/07 Garfield County Oil & Gas Update -- Jesse Smith, Oil & Gas Liaison
3/1/07 Water Treatment Methods -- Mark Thrush, EnCana
4/5/07 "Current Trends in CO Regarding Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy" -- Matt Rush, Chevron Energy Solutions
5/3/07 "Temporary Employee Housing" -- Dave Pesnichak, Fred Jarman, Garfield County Community Development Department of Garfield County
5/3/07 "Gas Gathering & Gas Transportation" -- Brad Ankrum, EnCana

If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint, you can download a free viewer by clicking on the following link - Download Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer

2006 Presentations
1/5/06 BBC Research update on Land Issues & Solutions Study
1/5/06 BBC Research update on Socio-Economic Impact Study
1/5/06 newspaper articles of interested shared with EAB, Article 1 - Article 2
4/6/06 Garfield County Air Quality Monitoring Study--Jim Rada, Garfield County Public Health
5/4/06 Compressor Stations -- EnCana
5/4/06 Cascade Canyon Road -- OXY
6/1/06 BBC Research -- Land Values Study
6/1/06 PDC's Garden Gulch Access Road
8/3/06 Pure Brand--Concept for a New Website
10/5/06 CO Dept. of Public Health & Environment / Air Pollution Control Division (APCD) -- Upcoming Regulation 7 Revisions
10/5/06 BLM -- Roan Plateau Plan
10/5/06 Garfield County Oil & Gas Liaison
10/5/06 Directional Drilling -- Ray Gorka, Petrogulf
11/2/06 "The Why, How, What and Where of Hydraulic Fracing" -- FracTech Services
12/7/06 Community Health Risk Assessment

2005 Presentations
2/3/05 Presentation to Garfield County Energy Advisory Board on COGCC Rule Changes and On-Site Inspection Policy

2/3/05 Presentation to Garfield County Energy Advisory Board on Coal Bed Natural Gas and Produced Water (Also see the following document - Colorado Division of Water Resources, Water Rights and Beneficial Use of Coal Bed Methane Produced Water in Colorado)

3/15/05 Presentation to Garfield County Energy Advisory Board on (CIS) Cumulative Impact Study

4/7/05 Presentation to Garfield County Energy Advisory Board on the "Socio-Economic" Impacts Study

9/28/05 Public Presentation Discussing the Status of Garfield County's Air Quality Monitoring Program

12/1/05 USGS regarding Salinity

12/1/05 BBC Research update on Land Issues & Solutions Study

12/1/05 Battlement Mesa Activity Center Weight Room Improvements and please also see document BMAC summary

Flow Chart - COGCC Application for Permit-to-Drill (APD) Process
Drilling 101 Presentation

2004 Presentations
2/9/04 Presentation to Northwest Colorado Oil & Gas Forum, Rifle, CO

3/20/04 Presentation to CLUB 20 Spring Meeting, Grand Junction, CO

4/3/04 Presentation to Colorado Institute for Leadership Training, Eagle, CO
World Natural Resources Demands

Commissioner John Martin's Presentation on Oil & Gas Revenues

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