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Mission statement (by resolution of the BOCC):

The Energy Advisory Board (EAB)
shall provide a forum for the oil and gas industry, the public, impacted landowners and local government to prevent or minimize conflict associated with oil and gas development through positive and proactive communication and actions that encourage responsible and balanced development of these resources within Garfield County.

The Energy Advisory Board consists of local government, organizations, school districts, citizen representatives, and oil & gas operators.

Citizen representatives on the EAB are available to hear comments and complaints from residents in their areas. Click here for a contact list of current citizen representatives.

This is a volunteer position and to qualify, you must live within the area you wish to represent as shown on this map. Click here to view a map of the boundaries for these areas.

The citizen representative should be able to describe concerns brought by neighbors in sufficient enough detail for the board to consider potential solutions.

In the letter of interest, please indicate applicant's address of residence, telephone number, email address and describe your interest in serving as well as your familiarity with the EAB.

Please contact: Garfield County Oil & Gas liaison, 195 West 14th Street, Building D, Rifle, CO 81650. Please call Kirby Wynnat 970-625-5905 with any questions.

Attendance is required and occurs the first Thursday of each month from 6 pm – 8:30 pm in Rifle (unless posted otherwise).

Oil and Gas Division
195 West 14th Street, Building D
Rifle, CO 81650

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