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Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment introduced a new program to respond to citizens' concerns about health related to oil and gas activities. The program was created based on the recommendation of the Governors Oil and Gas Task Force

•   What is the oil & gas health information and response program?

A program created by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to respond to individual and community health concerns related to oil and gas activities

•   What information is available through the program?

CDPHE's frequently asked questions page gives basic answers to questions people often ask about health and oil and gas.

CDPHE's clearinghouse of information provides many more useful resources, including links to published research and other relevant websites.

•   How does the program respond to health concerns?

•   Individuals can report a health concern by: Filing out our self-referral form or calling the CO HELP line at 303-389-1687

•   Staff who are knowledgeable about possible health impacts related to oil and gas will respond to your inquiry

•   Program Physician: Daniel Vigil, MD, MPH

•   Program Toxicologist: Tami McMullin, PhD

•   Program email:

CDPHE also offers a Clearinghouse of Oil and Gas Health Information on their website to address questions and concerns.
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