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Water quality concerns

Garfield County residents who live close to oil and gas development sometimes call the county with concerns about the quality of water in their private wells. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) offers a water analysis service. For further information, please contact the Oil and Gas department.

One of the water analytical suites that CDPHE offers is called their “Drilling Package,” which costs $250. Neighbors of oil and gas activity may be interested in contacting CDPHE to perform this analysis. CDPHE will supply bottles and instructions. Residents should note that they are responsible for their own water from private wells, including any analytical and treatment costs. 

For people who are not trained in science or accustomed to reading them, laboratory results can be difficult to interpret. If you have obtained a lab report about your water, we recommend reading the following guide to interpreting water quality analyses: Mamm Creek WQ Pamphlet. Although it was designed for residents of Mamm Creek under a special County study, the guidance is applicable to the interpretation of water analyses throughout the County.


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