2018 Solicitations Archives

Closed solicitations 2018
Sol. Number Title Buyer Fully Executed Agreement
RFP-GC-VM-01-18 Garfield County Tamarisk/Russian Olive Removal Program Gene Duran View agreement
IFB-GC-SO-02-18 Sidewalk snowmelt Sheriff's Office Rob Schober Canceled
RFI-GC-PR-01-18 Parachute/Battlement Mesa to Rifle Transportation Services Ryan Peskuski Information Only
IFB-GC-AP-03-18 UAV Building - Rifle Garfield County Airport Rob Schober Canceled
IFB-GC-FM-09-18 Garfield County Security Cameras Rob Schober Canceled
IFB-GC-FM-08-18 Mountain View Restroom Ryan Peskuski View agreement
IFB-GC-LF-04-18 HHS Floor Replacement ReBid Ryan Peskuski View agreement
IFB-GC-FM-07-18 Geosynthetic Clay Liner Material and Installation Ryan Peskuski View agreement
IFB-GC-FM-06-18 Glenwood Springs Parking Lot Improvements Rob Schober View agreement
RFP-GC-FG-02-18 Engineering and Design Services for Fairgrounds Canopies and Lean To Structures Rob Schober View agreement
IFB-GC-FG-01-18 Garfield County Fairground Signage Ryan Peskuski View agreement
IFB-GC-FM-05-18 Garfield County Administrative HVAC System Upgrade Rob Schober View agreement
IFB-GC-FG-03-18 Garfield County Indoor Riding Arena Announcers Booth Rob Schober View agreement
IFB-GC-FM-03-18 HHS Floor Replacement Ryan Peskuski Canceled
RFQ-GC-RB-01-18 As needed trucking Ryan Peskuski View agreement A
View agreement B
View agreement C
View agreement D
IFB-GC-LF-03-18 Single Smooth Drum Rollers Ryan Peskuski View agreement
IFB-GC-FG-02-18 Fairgrounds Audio Visual Engineer and Design Services Rob Schober View agreement
IFB-GC-AP-02-18 Garfield County Airport Snow Removal Equipment Storage Building Rob Schober View agreement
RFP-GC-CM-02-18 Garfield County Federal Lands Policy Coordination and Consistency Review Plan Jamaica Watts View agreement
IFB-GC-SO-01-18 Detention Center Remodel Gene Duran Award Pending
IFB-GC-AP-01-18 Garfield County Airport Seal Coat and Restripe Airfield Pavements Rob Schober View agreement
IFB-GC-FM-01-18 Mountain View Restroom Remodel Ryan Peskuski Canceled
IFB-GC-RB-04-18 Hook Truck Tank Ryan Peskuski View agreement
IFB-GC-RB-05-18 Blades & Bits Rob Schober View agreement A
View agreement B
View agreement C
IFB-GC-RB-06-18 2018 Chip & Seal Projects Ryan Peskuski View agreement
IFB-GC-RB-07-18 2018 Asphalt Paving Projects Ryan Peskuski View agreement
IFB-GC-MP-02-18 2018 Vehicle Purchases Ryan Peskuski View agreement A
View agreement B
IFB-GC-RB-03-18 As Needed Asphalt Ryan Peskuski View agreement A
View agreement B
IFB-GC-RB-02-18 John Deere or Caterpillar Equipment Ryan Peskuski View agreement
IFB-GC-LF-02-18 Landfill Alternative Daily Cover Scott Henriksen View agreement
RFP-GC-CM-01-18 Wireless Network Coordinated Services & Provision and install Network Equipment Jamaica Watts Award Pending
IFB-GC-MP-01-18 GSCO Vehicle Upfitting Ryan Peskuski View agreement
IFB-GC-RB-01-18 Baxter Pass Maintenance Ryan Peskuski View agreement
RFP-GC-SO-01-18 Animal Services Jamaica Watts View agreement
RFP-GC-FG-01-18 Fairgrounds Audio Visual Engineer and Design Services Scott Henriksen View agreement
RFP-GC-RB-01-18 Battlement Mesa Drainage Engineer Scott Henriksen View agreement
IFB-GC-LF-01-18 Landfill Grinder/Shredder Scott Henriksen View agreement
RFP-GC-LF-01-18 Landfill Environmental Consulting Scott Henriksen View agreement
IFB-GC-FE-01-18 PRCA/WPRA Sanctioned Events Ryan Peskuski View agreement A
View agreement B
IFB-GC-RB-12-18 Travelers Highlands Drainage Rob Schober View agreement
2016 Awarded contracts
Sol. Number Title Buyer Fully Executed Agreement
IFB-GC-CE-04-16 SH 82 Acceleration / Deceleration lanes at Cattle Creek (CR113) Jamaica Watts View Agreement
RFP-GC-PH-01-16 Organizational Services for Youth Engagement/Outdoor Opportunities Gene Duran Agreement #1
Agreement #2
IFB-GC-FM-01-16 Landscape Maintenace Ryan Peskuski Agreement #1
Agreement #2
IFB-GC-CE-03-16 Howard Avenue Parking Lot Construction Jamaica Watts Agreement #1
Agreement #2
IFB-GC-MP-03-16 CNG Shop Upgrades Ryan Peskuski View Agreement
IFB-GC-RB-06-16 Blades and Bits Ryan Peskuski Agreement #1
Agreement #2
Agreement #3
Agreement #4
IFB-GC-RB-07-16 Side Dump Trailer Ryan Peskuski View Agreement
RFP-GC-IT-01-16 Video Web Streaming and Archiving Gene Duran View Agreement
IFB-GC-RB-04-16 2016 Asphalt Paving Projects Ryan Peskuski View Agreement
IFB-GC-MP-01-16 SO 15 Passenger Van Ryan Peskuski View Agreement
IFB-GC-MP-02-16 Community Development Truck Ryan Peskuski View Agreement
IFB-GC-MP-01-16 Bridge Scour Protection Project Jamaica Watts View Agreement
RFP-GC-PH-02-16 Fitness Equipment Gene Duran View Agreement
IFB-GC-FM-02-16 Howard Avenue Property Demo Ryan Peskuski Agreement #1 (construction)
Agreement #2 (demo)
IFB-GC-RB-09-16 As Needed Snowplowing Service Ryan Peskuski Agreement #1
Agreement #2
RFP-GC-TO-01-16 Banking Services Gene Duran View Agreement
RFP-GC-IT-01-16 Broadband Planning Project Gene Duran Agreement #1
Agreement #2
RFP-GC-SO-01-16 Access Control System Gene Duran View Agreement
IFB-GC-LF-01-16 Scap Metal Recycling Services Ryan Peskuski View Agreement
RFQ-GC-CM-01-16 Veterans Service Officer Jamaica Watts View Agreement
IFB-GC-RB-08-16 Used Mower Tractor Jamaica Watts View Agreement
RFP-GC-FE-01-16 Entertainment Stages & Sound Production Jamaica Watts View Agreement
RFQ-GC-FM-01-16 Commercial Real Estate Broker Service Jamaica Watts No agreement (information only)
IFB-GC-CD-01-16 Upgrade to Garfield County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan Gene Duran View Agreement

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