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Oversize/overweight permits

Annual Oversized/Overweight Summary

Road weight limit on County Road 311 until October 1-|

Transportation Permit Application

The following are the requirements for each permit.

The annual oversize permit will cost $250. The load dimensions can not exceed the following limits for the annual permit.

Width-17 feet***
Length-110 feet
Height-16 feet
Rear Overhang-35 feet

Front Overhang-25 feet.

***One certified pilot car in front required for loads between 11 feet and 13 feet.
***One certified pilot car in front and one certified pilot car in back for loads exceeding 13 feet.

The annual overweight permit will cost $250.

The maximum weight for this permit is 100,000 pounds. Any load over this weight will still be required to get a single trip permit, at $15 per trip and $5 per axle. If the load exceeds 200,000 pounds or any of the oversized requirements, then an Extra-ordinary Trip Permit will be needed and you may contact our office for that information.

The annual overweight/oversized permit will cost $500.

The dimensions listed above are the same for this permit. All divisible loads still need to meet the state requirements.

The annual permit requires a certificate of insurance and a copy of the vehicle registration. Garfield County does not have to be listed as an additional insured. The permit, a copy of the resolution and the weight/preferred haul route map are required to be in each vehicle.

Single Trip overweight/ oversized Permits are issued to oversized/overweight vehicles that are over the 100,000 weight limit, or for companies that do not wish to purchase the annual permit.

Single trip permit costs:

$15 - oversized fee

$15 + $5 per axle - overweight fee

Single trip permits are good for one trip in and one trip out. Generally, they last from 6 am the first day until 10 pm the following day.

Extraordinary trip permits are for vehicles whose weight exceeds 200,000 pounds gross vehicle weight and/or are over the designated vehicle dimensions. (17ft wide, 110 long, 16ft height.)

The cost is $125 plus the single trip permit charge.

Trucking companies need to contact Road and Bridge and speak to a foreman regarding the extraordinary permits.

Garfield County Road and Bridge is now able to accept credit cards. Just fill out the bottom of the new transportation permit and fax it in. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

***For security reasons we will NOT keep any credit card information on file. The bottom portion of the application will re removed and shredded once the transaction is complete.


Fax the completed application to 970-625-8627. If you have any questions, please call 970-625-8601.

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