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The management of vegetation on county rights-of-way is the responsibility of the Garfield County Vegetation Management Department, and is mandated by the Colorado Noxious Weed Act. Property owners requesting no spraying along county road rights-of-way that front their property are thereby responsible for noxious weed management within that zone. Failure to comply will result in the resumption of spraying operations by Garfield County Vegetation Management.

The posting requirements listed below must be met if the county is to honor a request to refrain from treating an area with herbicides:

  • The landowner is required to post two “DO NOT SPRAY” signs at their property boundary along the county road right-of-way. There must be one sign at each end of their property. Spraying operations will end at the point where the first sign is posted and begin at the point where the second sign is posted.
  • Only signs supplied by Garfield County will be recognized.
  • Signs must be posted immediately adjacent to the right-of-way but not on the right-of-way.
  • Signs must be clearly visible to approaching traffic from the road; they must be at least 36 inches above the ground and not obstructed from view.
  • Requests need to be submitted annually.
  • Do Not Spray requests apply to county road right-of-ways ONLY.

Please fill out and send to us a Do Not Spray Form, or call us at (970) 945-1377 ext. 4305 for more information.


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