Jointed Goatgrass

Aegilops cylindrica

jointed goatgrass
Steve Dewey, Utah State University,
  Jointed goatgrass is a non-native grass introduced from Turkey in the late 1800s. It is a winter annual that reproduces by seed and grows 15 to 30 inches tall in erect stems. These stems branch at the base to give the plant a tufted appearance. Seeds of jointed goatgrass are attached to their rachis segment and shed in June and July, during and prior to wheat harvest.

The seeds are very similar in size and shape to wheat seed and therefore are difficult to screen out. Jointed goatgrass is found in the Harvey Gap area and in west Mamm Creek.

It has also been found in fields adjacent to Parachute Creek, scattered along county roadsides throughout Silt and New Castle, and along Wallace and Spring creeks.


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