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Abstract of assessment

The abstract report is the final tabulation of valuation, revenues, and levies produced each year as a result of the assessor's duties.  Please see annual abstract of assessment reports from the past few years at right.

It is the duty of the assessor to evaluate all property on a fair basis in accordance with Colorado State guidelines. All real and personal property, not exempt by law, is subject to taxation. It is the duty of the owner of such property to see that it is listed with the county assessor.

These values are then certified to all taxing entities by the assessor. The levies are determined and certified by each taxing entity to the Board of County Commissioners.

These levies are then delivered to the assessor to be compiled and extended to the properties.

After the assessor prepares the tax roll, it is delivered to the county treasurer for collection.

It is the goal of this office to help the taxpayer in the understanding of property tax. If you should have any questions regarding the value of your property or the valuation process, the assessor's office is always ready to assist and serve you.

Property tax information
        Actual value x assessment rate = assessed value
        Assessed value x mill levy/1000 = tax bill

Assessment rates
        Improved residential property - 7.96%
        Gas production - 87.5%
        All other property - 29%

Property tax due dates
        2016 taxes are due and payable on January 1, 2017
        First half of taxes become due on February 28, 2017
        Second half taxes become due on June 15, 2017
        If no first half tax payment is made, total tax is due by April 30, 2017 

You may receive hard copies of the abstract of assessment prior to 2007 at the assessor's office. Please call 970-945-9134 to request these.

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