BOCC meeting minutes

Garfield County offers streaming video of its meetings and agendas online.

The Garfield County Clerk and Recorder's staff produces verbatim minutes, and a summary version for the website and the BOCC.

Minutes archives (pdf)
2012 minutes 2012 minutes - to view complete minutes through October 4th
2011 minutes 2011 index of topics
2010 minutes 2010 index of topics
2009 minutes 2009 index of topics
2008 minutes 2008 index of topics
2007 minutes 2007 index of topics
2006 minutes  
2005 minutes  
2004 minutes  
2003 minutes  
2002 minutes  
2001 minutes  
2000 minutes  
1999 minutes  
1998 minutes  
1997 minutes  
1996 minutes  
Archived video recordings from meetings since November 2011 are accessible online, as well as documents from the topics presented to the Board of County Commissioners.

*Verbatim minutes are also available - please contact County Clerk & Recorder Jean Alberico at 970-384-3700.

Please note: To find an item in any of these documents, click on the link to open the PDF document. Then click on the open page. Press Ctrl F on your keyboard. This will open a find box where you can type in the subject you are interested in. (It may open as a floating box on the screen or in the menu bar at the top.) After typing in your search word, you can click to move to every instance of that word in the document.


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