Preventing rejected documents

Help prevent documents submitted for recording from being rejected. Please follow these guidelines to prevent the delays associated with the return of rejected documents.

Correct fee is attached
Before submitting your recordings, please check that the fee amount is correct. Recording fees are established by statute. Garfield County only refunds overpayments of $10.01 or more.

Document quality
The quality of documents must be good, and the text readable. Please remember that bad originals produce poor public records. Documents which are illegible to begin with will be marked with a clerk's note and recorded

State document fees are included
Any transfer deed with consideration exceeding $500 will be assessed a state documentary fee of one cent per $100. Consideration amounts must be correctly marked on both the deed and transfer declaration.

Deeds contain valid grantee address
Pursuant to C.R.S. 38-35-109(2), all deeds shall include a notation of the legal (mailing) address of the grantee. This address is used to determine where tax statements should be mailed after a property is sold. Submitters should verify the validity & completeness of such address before recording a deed to avoid rejected recordings.

Sufficient margins
C.R.S. 30-10-406 (3)(a) requires that all documents have a top margin of at least one inch, and a left, right and bottom margin of at least one half inch. The recorder may refuse to file any document that does not meet these standards.

Legal description or exhibits as noted in documents are attached.

Checks payable to Garfield County Clerk
If checks are made out to the wrong party, the check, along with all documents attached will be rejected and returned to the submitter.

Return addresses
A complete and accurate return address should be clearly marked on the front page of any document submitted for recording. Documents will be returned in approximately one week.. No return envelope is required, but is appreciated.

Checks are signed
Unsigned or staledated checks along with all documents attached thereto will be rejected and returned to the submitter.

Notary seals are darkened
Embossed seals on documents will not show up on the image if they are not darkened or "inked." Submitters should ensure all embossed seals are visible before recordation.

Instructions for order of recording are included
Please send documents in the order you would like them recorded. Please also include specific instructions as to what documents you are recording and the number of pages in each document. Staples or paper clips are an easy way to indicate which pages constitute a particular document.

Submit to correct county
Often documents intended for recording in one county are sent somewhere else by mistake. Please be aware that Garfield County will not reject these documents. Please make sure you are recording your document in the appropriate county.

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