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Garfield County Land Use and Development Code

Effective date - July 15, 2013
Last amended - March 20, 2017

Cover and List of Amendments
Complete Land Use and Development Code

Article 1: General Administration

Article 2: Land Use Change Permit

Article 3: Zoning

Article 4: Application & Review Procedures

Article 5: Divisions of Land

Article 6: Planned Unit Development

Article 7: Standards

Article 8: Inclusionary Zoning for Housing

Article 9: Pipelines

Article 10: Non-Conforming Land Uses and Structures

Article 11: Signs

Article 12: Enforcement, Violations, Penalties & Appeals

Article 13: Financial Guarantee

Article 14: Areas & Activities of State Interest

Article 15: Definitions

Resource Guide
Garfield County has developed a Resource Guide (PDF/Docx) that provides a collection of documents, including fee schedules, process flow charts, template documents and other useful information related to the process of applications through the Land Use and Development Code. The Resource Guide was last revised October 15, 2018.

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