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Incremental increases of fees for retail food establishments go into effect on Sept. 1. If an establishment already has a 2018 retail food license, the increase will not kick in until the business renews its license in 2019.

A 2016 fee bill allowed for an incremental increase of fees for retail food establishment over a three-year period, which begins in 2017. The bill identifies that the increase of fees for the next calendar year goes into effective on Sept. 1 of the prior year. On September 1, 2018, the fees for 2019 will be active.

Licensing Category

1/1/2018 Fee

1/1/2019 Fee

Restaurant 0-100 seats



Restaurant 101-200 seats



Restaurant over 200 seats



Grocery Stores with Deli, up to 15,000 sq. ft.



Grocery Stores with Deli, over 15,000 sq. ft.



Grocery Store without Deli, up to 15,000 sq. ft.



Grocery Store without Deli, over 15,000 sq. ft.



Limited Retail Food Service



Mobile Unit, prepackaged potentially hazardous food



Mobile Unit, Full Service



Oil and Gas



Special Events

Fees will be established by each county or district public health agency

For any establishment with a current 2018 Retail Food Establishment License, the increase will not take effect until the 2019 license renewal. Businesses will see the increase when they receive their 2019 license renewals, which are typically mailed out in mid-November. They are due by December 31, 2018. See the chart above for all of the fee changes.

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