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December 1, 2014

GARFIELD COUNTY, CO - The Garfield County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) adopted the county’s 2015 budget on Monday, December 1. In total $127,900,300 was appropriated for expenditure in 2015. Operating revenues exceeding operating expenditures by approximately $7 million.

An increase in revenue of eight percent over 2014 is expected, with total county revenues at approximately $106 million in 2015. The revenue increase is primarily a result of increased property and sales tax collections. The budget reflects a ten percent increase in property tax revenue, stemming from higher assessed valuations in Garfield County. This is a promising offset of the 2014 budget season, which had suffered a 26-percent decrease in revenue. These excess operating revenues will be used to fund capital projects and provide discretionary funding in 2015.

There will be a decrease in expenditures of approximately $7 million or 5.8 percent from the 2014 adopted budget. This budget proposed appropriations of approximately $89 million for operations, $26 million for capital, and $5.5 million for discretionary expenditures. Proposed expenditures will include approximately $13 million from projects budgeted in 2014, but that are continuing into 2015. Proposed capital projects for 2015 consist of road and bridge, airport, landfill, and fairgrounds projects. The decrease of nearly six percent, or $7 million is because significant road and bridge infrastructure projects were completed in 2014. The 2015 year end fund balances are projected to be at $102 million.

Beginning in June, the county's elected officials participated in individual budget planning meetings. In addition, a budget review committee, composed of Commissioner Tom Jankovsky, Garfield County Manager Andrew Gorgey, Finance Director Ann Driggers, and Deputy County Manager Kevin Batchelder conducted a line-item review of the budget with every county administrative department. 

New for 2015, the overall budget for the Coroner’s Office was closely revisited. The BOCC worked diligently with newly elected Garfield County Coroner Rob Glassmire to assure the 2015 budget is able to meet the needs of the community. The reason for the individual attention is because this is the first time in 20 years that the county coroner is not a mortician with an operating private mortuary business.

A six percent increase over 2014 in authorized employee headcount, will bring the 2015 total to 495 employees. The increase in employees will be in Department of Human Services staffing, and will be paid for by federal funds. As directed, the 2015 budget has moderate increases in operating expenditures, staffing levels, and personnel costs, which include increases in health insurance costs, a three-percent performance-based pay increase, and contingencies. 


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