Weed Cost Share Program

2018 noxious weeds

The Garfield County Commissioners have partnered once again with the Bookcliff, Mount Sopris, and South Side Conservation Districts to provide cost sharing financial assistance to landowners for controlling noxious weeds.

To arrange a mandatory, on-site visit, call the conservation district at 945-5494, ext. 105, or Steve Anthony, Garfield County Vegetation Management, at 945-1377, ext. 4305. This visit is required before the application is accepted.

Applications for the weed share program are available online, at the conservation district office by calling 945-5494, ext. 105, or at Included in the online application is a weed management plan form - including application deadlines - and a weed share policy.

Please make sure this application is filled out in its entirety. If you have questions about completing the application, please call the Vegetation Management office at 945-5494, ext. 105.

weed cost share

Cost share funds will be limited to $125 an acre ($250 total cost), maximum of $1000 per landowner. Reimbursements may be up to 50% of costs if using a contractor or up to 75% of material costs to do it yourself. Reimbursement funds are limited, therefore ineffective materials, incorrect rates, less than optimum treatment timing, and off label treatments will not be cost shared. Materials purchased must be used in current year. A 1099 will be issued to all payments over $600. If you want your full reimbursement, you must put your social security number on the application.

Only Colorado State Department of Agriculture approved treatments will be reimbursed.

For more information for treatment of specific weeds, go to:, click on Species A, B or C, click on your weed, and click on treatment options. Fact sheets can be requested by calling 945-5494, ext 105.

Paid receipt or canceled check is required before reimbursement is made. As always, invoice with chemicals used and application rate required. Paid commercial applicators invoice MUST have commercial applicators license number on the bill.

All applications are subject to review by the Noxious Weed Cost Share Review Committee which consists of representatives of Bookcliff, Mount Sopris & South Side Conservation Districts and the Garfield County Weed Advisory Board.

Garfield County Noxious Weed List

Common name Scientific name
Leafy spurge Euphorbia esula
Russian knapweed Acroptilon repens
Yellow starthistle Centaurea solstitalis
Plumeless thistle Carduus acanthoides
Houndstongue Cynoglossum officinale
Common burdock Arctium minus
Scotch thistle Onopordum acanthium
Canada thistle Cirsium arvense
Spotted knapweed Centaurea maculosa
Diffuse knapweed Centaurea diffusa
Dalmatian toadflax Linaria dalmatica
Yellow toadflax Linaria vulgaris
Hoary cress Cardaria draba
Salt Cedar Tamarix parviflora
Salt Cedar Tamarix ramosissima
Oxeye Daisy Chrysanthemum leucantheum
Jointed Goatgrass Aegilops cylindrica
Chicory Cichorium intybus
Musk thistle Carduus nutans
Purple loosestrife Lythrum salicaria
Russian olive Elaeagnus angustifolia

Please note we will also cost share for the following State of Colorado List A species: African rue, camelthorn, common crupina, cypress spurge, dyers woad, giant salvinia, hydrilla, meadow knapweed, Mediterranean sage, medusahead rye, myrtle spurge, rush skeletonweed, sericea lespedeza, squarrose knapweed, tansy ragwort and the List B species: absinth wormwood, black henbane, Chinese clematis, common teasel, and common tansy.

The species underlined are known to be present in Garfield County.

We will also cost share for the State of Colorado List C species: Cheatgrass.

Other State of Colorado listed noxious weeds (List A, List B, List C, and Watch List) that are not on the County's noxious weed list may be cost-shared at the discretion of the Cost-share Review Committee.

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